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Shooting Ranges

Shooting ranges Green Bullet Trap

Shooting Ranges

Induct and the Green Bullet Trap team design innovative indoor shooting ranges. Their extensive knowledge about airflows, air currents and air filtration, guarantee our shooting ranges have cost effective designs, great functionality, high comfort, perfect energy efficiency and clean air. And they are known for their ‘out of the box’ experience.

Green Bullet Trap has an innovative solution for building shooting ranges. Building a shooting range is not a common business for anybody. Most local building companies never built one, so every thing must be engineered and details must be worked out. Most people don’t understand the power of a gun shot and has no clue wat to do to stop it.

The Green Bullet Trap team has done all the engineering already and split out a shooting range in prefabricated parts, which fit into each other forming a shooting range in the configuration you want. Every part has a fixed price and fixed dimensions. We have modules for ventilation, extraction, air filtering, air heating or air conditioning, heat recovery. And for the shooting lanes part: a bullet trap back stop module, 180 degrees and 360 degrees modules in which you can use the walls as a bullet trap, standard lane modules and an entrance module. All designed to fit to each other in any configuration you want. You can use the modules inside, but by adding a roof and a façade, it can be used freestanding outside as well.

As easy the system can be assembled , it can be disassembled as well. So can put the shooting range in an existing (rental) industrial building and turn it into a shooting range. All modules have prefabricated lighting. So if we are finished, you can start shooting. Standard modules are for a 6 m, 9 m or 12 m wide range. The 12 m wide range will have a row of columns inside.

What we need to know to provide you with a budget for your shooting range:

  • Suitable for handgun (1500 Joule) or rifle (4000 Joule)
  • 6, 9 or 12 m modules
  • Length of the lanes
  • Length of the 180 degrees part
  • If you want a 360 module
  • If you want a bulletproof an ricochet free floor (e.g for in a rental building) or only ricochet proof, or no floor at all ( use existing floor)
  • If you need heating, air conditioning or heat recovery
  • If you need the exhaust air to be filtered
  • If it will be placed in an existing building or freestanding outside.

All parts for airflow control, filtration and bullet traps are manufactured locally, in our facilities in Katwijk, The Netherlands.


Interested in Induct’s clean range concept? Make an appointment for an inspection and see and hear what we can do for you.

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