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Air Flow Wall

Air Flow Wall

As clean air experts in the industrial food processing and pharmaceutical industry we became aware of the high risks we were exposed to during our favorite sports. Being at the shooting range we realized that we inhaled a lot of toxic gases and dangerous dust.

To keep the shooters and the range staff healthy, clean air is essential. Specially when you are a pro and doing a lot of “range time”. More casualties on indoor shooting ranges are caused by the hostile environment, than by bullets. Bad air quality is invisible and it takes time to recognize that you are poisoned, and by that time it is too late. Because of our expertise about airflows, air currents and air filtration, our shooting ranges are known for their out of the box and cost effective designs, functionality, high comfort, energy efficiency and for their clean air of course. Our ventilation systems with laminar flow walls help to keep your range clean. As an innovative company we even can design and build see trough flow walls.

All parts for airflow control, filtration and bullet traps are manufactured in our facilities in Katwijk, The Netherlands. Here we have a 6000 m2 highly automated and advanced metal workshop where our ventilation systems and bullet traps are produced.


Interested in Induct’s clean range concept? Make an appointment for an inspection and see and hear what we can do for you.

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