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Gun Clearing

Gun Clearing device Green Bullet Trap

Gun Clearing

Meet our newest safety device, the Gun Clearing device. On request the Green Bullet Trap team designed and fabricated the Gun Clearing device, which is special because it’s suitable for hand guns and rifles. This design also contains a special feature: if somebody pushes the barrel to the bottom and misfires, the internal construction of the bullet trap prevents blocking the barrel to avoid the gun exploding in the face. Even if someone shoots it under an angle, everybody will be safe. The Gun Clearing device can be installed on a table or a wall. Our gun clearing trap GC 4200 is tested and approved up to .308WIN AP by TNO Ballistics. Test report is available for our customers.

What makes the Gun Clearing device special is the fact you can shoot under an angle and people around you stay safe. The blowback makes a U-turn inside the Gun Clearing device and the flames are diverted away from the person clearing a gun.

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